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  Faux Parquet Flooring

Wood Graining
Perhaps the widest appeal of wood graining lies in its unobtrusive richness, quality of finish, variety of colour and pattern and the soft translucency enhanced by subtle effects of light and shade. For graining to deceive the eye and appear authentic, it is absolutely essential that the ground colour upon which the work is carried out is smooth, level and above all free from brush marks and dust.
The ancient art of wood graining of faux bois reached its apogee in the 19th century, when it became the fashion to paint doors, panelling and also furniture to imitate rarer forms of wood. In this way inexpensive serviceable pine was magically transformed into walnut, mahogany, oak and an array of exotic woods. In restoration, faux bois is also useful for replacement parts of highly figured woods such as walnut and rosewood.   Faux finish mahogany cabinet

Faux wood graining on cabinet Faux woodgraining on cabinet doors Faux Finish Walnut
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