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Marbling techniques

The name "marble" derives from the Greek word "marmaros" meaning "shining stone". Embodied within this charming understatement lies one of the most revered of all building materials, capable of producing the most stunning of visual effects. It is available in an enormous variety of colours and patterns, all of which can be replicated using the faux marbling technique.

The art of faux marbling has been used throughout history to improve the appearance of less valuable building materials that may have been used in place of marble due to reasons of availability, expense or strength and rigidity. The substrate is painted and finished to match the appearance of a desired type of marble. The technique is so convincing that in many instances people are unable to distinguish between false and real marble , even on close inspection.

  Faux Carrera Marble Fire Surround

Faux Marble Marbled skirting and fireplce surround Faux Cararra Marble
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