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Paint Finishes - Techniques

Faux paint techniques capture the visual impact and warmth of textiles through the use of inspiring colour palettes and innovative glazes. Specially designed applications achieve incredible depth, texture and an interplay of light and colour, by creating bespoke wall treatments for your home.

Stippling Technique
This is a standard technique when using oil or acrylic scumble glaze - either to provide a finish in its own right, or as an essential element of another effect. It transforms any room by creating texture, and hence inviting a compelling interplay of light and shadow.
Dragging Technique
This is a texture similar to that of brush graining which is popular both as a finish for furniture or for large wall surfaces.
Dragging technique
Ageing or Distressing Technique
This technique is very useful, as it brings a sense of timeless heritage to any space. The ageing technique can be applied to ornamental mouldings commonly found in cornices, friezes and furniture.
Ageing and distressing
Colourwashes Technique
Colour washing creates the illusion of subtle texture, by softly blending complementary hues. This can generate an interplay between combined light and dark tones, to develop a rich character within your room.
Colourwash technique

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