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Gilded Picture Frame

Water Gilding

The application of water gilding requires expertise as well as an artist's eye. It is a fragile, expensive and devilishly fickle material to work with.

When applied with proper precision, the results can create a surface coating unmatched in its perfection. It is a far more elaborate process. It requires a great deal of preparation, but it's elegance and refinement of finish are unsurpassed. Careful preparation and patiently acquired skills are required to "float" gossamer - thin gold leaf over a gesso and bole surface, and

then to burnish the piece for an extra smooth shine. These techniques make water gilding very different from oil gilding, and give the results it's own very special luminosity. Water gilding is normally reserved for picture frames, furniture, religions artefacts and objects d' art and also the exterior embellishment of monuments.

Partially restored water gilded picture frame Water gilding a picture frame Water gilding - finished frame
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